About Us

Green Dome Foundation (formerly known as Path of the Prophet) is established to organize, support, and promote studies and activities that contribute to a better understanding of Islam in the US and all around the world. The Foundation organizes activities and events that explore the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) drawing on the authentic sources of knowledge in Islam, mainly the Qur’an and the Sunnah – the traditions of the Prophet. These events include, but not limited to, seminars, conferences, study programs, reading contests, and curriculum services.

The Foundation also seeks to encourage and enhance research on the life and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)–an accurate understanding of which, we believe, is crutial for our times. He (pbuh) and his companions lived such a life that, through establishing the right bridges between our time and His, one can not only find solutions to many contemporary problems, but also enhance current day-to-day life. Our website is a product of our team of  researchers, writers and academicians who are experts in the field of Islamic History and Seerah. By examining every event during Prophet Muhammad’s time and studying the details, we aim to present a comprehensive image of Islam and of an age that was shaped by Quran and Sunnah.