Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health: “Mindful Horizons Initiative


Recognizing the pressing need to address mental health challenges among the youth, the Green Dome Foundation launches the “Mindful Horizons Initiative” under its Youth Mental Health program. This comprehensive initiative is designed to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues, foster resilience, and provide vital resources for the well-being of young individuals.


The “Mindful Horizons Initiative” encompasses a spectrum of activities, including awareness campaigns, educational workshops, and support networks tailored to the unique needs of the youth. By collaborating with mental health professionals, educators, and community leaders, this initiative aims to create a safe and open space for discussions on mental health, promoting understanding, empathy, and proactive solutions.


Aligned with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who emphasized the importance of holistic well-being, this program seeks to instill a sense of mental and emotional resilience among the youth. By addressing the multifaceted challenges young individuals face today, the “Mindful Horizons Initiative” aspires to contribute to the development of a generation that is not only academically and socially adept but also mentally strong and resilient.


In a world where the well-being of the youth is paramount, the Green Dome Foundation envisions the “Mindful Horizons Initiative” as a beacon of hope, providing the tools and support needed for the youth to navigate the complexities of life with mindfulness and resilience.