Board / Short Bios

Ajaz Khan


Ajaz Khan serves as the President of The Green Dome Foundation, leading efforts to promote peace, understanding, and compassion through an accurate portrayal of Islam. In addition to his role in guiding the foundation’s mission, Ajaz is deeply committed to nurturing peaceful communities and fostering interfaith dialogue. As a Qur’an Recitation & Memorization Teacher, he instills a sense of tranquility and spirituality in his students, emphasizing the values of peace, tolerance, and unity found within the Qur’an. Through his leadership and teaching, Ajaz endeavors to spread harmony and goodwill, inspiring individuals to embody the principles of love and kindness in their lives.

Mir Sadeq Ansari

Vice President,

Mir Sadeq Ansari is a distinguished leader and scholar in Islamic and Arabic Studies. With a Ph.D. completed in 2022, he brings extensive experience in academia and community engagement. Through diverse events, The Green Dome Foundation, under his leadership, promotes a nuanced understanding of Islam, emphasizing the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and addressing societal issues like conflict resolution and youth empowerment.

Dlovan Kareem


Dlovan Kareem serves as the Secretary of The Green Dome Foundation while also fulfilling his role as a lecturer at Edeb Academy. With a degree from Istanbul Fatih University’s theology faculty and an MA in Religious Studies from Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, Dlovan brings a wealth of knowledge to both his academic and organizational endeavors. He plays a pivotal role in advancing the mission of The Green Dome Foundation, advocating for a nuanced understanding of Islam, while also sharing his expertise in Seerah, Hadith, and Tafseer with students at Edeb Academy.

Mustafa Altinok


Mr. Altinok is a practicing consultant and executive with over six years of experience in IT and non-profit administration. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in politics from Loyola University, Chicago.