A Life with Him: A Day-to-Day Biography Propject


Information given in Seerah (Prophetic Biography) Sources correspond to only 50 of the 8000  days of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life. 

Of these 50 days, 40% consist of describing suffering that results from violent events; 40% are about defensive wars brought by defending fundamental values and rights; and the remaining 20% of them consist of worship journeys and visits of delegations.

In all of Seerah literature written until today, the 7.950 days in which Man, Family, and Civilization were reconstructed are missing. 

Since the main resource in literature and arts produced about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are Seerah books, war and violence overcrowd the topics of the works, resulting in a misunderstanding of the nature of Islam.

As a result, Path of the Prophet Foundation’s A Life with Him: A Day-to-day Biography Project has created a new Seerah Study which takes a holistic approach to Prophet Muhammad’s life.