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Who is Muhammad (PBUH)

Abu Bakr’s Sensitivity in the Cave

Abu Bakr wanted to be the first to enter the cave. He wanted to extinguish whatever evil it may harbor and thus protect his Beloved, peace and blessings be upon him, from any harm. This was sensitivity peculiar to Abu Bakr. All his efforts…

The Migration Companion: Abu Bakr

One of the verses that the Truthful Gabriel had brought was continuously on Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) lips, at every opportunity he was supplicating: “My Lord! Cause me to enter in a manner sincere and faithful to the truth, and cause me…

The Sadness of the Separated Tree Trunk

The Masjid an-Nabawi had been built completely and the Friday Prayers were being performed here. In order to read his sermon and to be able to see into the eyes of his audience, our noble Prophet would stand up on the stump of a date tree…
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