The Life of the Prophet in Chronological Order

0 3,411

Mecca Period


-The birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (June 17, Monday). Another possible date is April 20, 571.

-He was given to Halima to be suckled and weaned.


-Halima brought him back to Mecca to his mother, Amina.


-Amina died. Abdulmuttalib, his grandfather, assumed custody.


-Abdulmuttalib died. His uncle Abu Talib became his guardian.


-First trip to Syria with Abu Talib.

589 (?)

-Took oath for Hilf al-Fudul (Pact of Excellence).


-He led Khadija’s trade caravan to Busra.

-Marriage with Khadija.


-Arbitration between different clans in the crisis of restoring the Black Stone to the Ka’ba.


-The first revelation in the cave of Hira in the month of Ramadan (the first five verses of chapter Alaq).


-First public call to Islam. He invited his nearest of kin to the faith.


-Pagans of Mecca started torturing weak Muslims.


-First emigration in Islam. Some Companions set off to Abyssinia.


-Second emigration to Abyssinia.

-Hamza and Umar embraced Islam

-Pagans started a social and economic boycott to the clan of the Prophet


-Boycott ended.


-The year of sadness. Khadija and Abu Talib died.

-Visited Ta’if to teach Islam.

-A group of pilgrims from Medina (then Yathrib) met the Prophet and embraced Islam.


-The miracle of the Ascension (Miraj) and the prescribed daily prayers commanded.

-First Aqabah Pledge with a group from Medina and the assignation

of Mus’ab ibn Umayr by the Prophet to teach Islam there.


-Second Aqabah Pledge.

Medina Period


-Muslims started emigration to Medina.

-Meccan leaders plotted to murder the Prophet.

-The Prophet emigrated to Medina with Abu Bakr.

-The building of Masjid al-Nabawi (the Prophet’s Mosque) started.

-Adhan, call to prayer, introduced.


-Brotherhood established between the Emigrants and Helpers (muahat).

-The Medina Contract drawn and the borders of the city determined.

-A marketplace established in the city.


-Direction of prayer changed from Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem to Ka’ba in Mecca.

-Obligatory fasting in Ramadan started.

-The Battle of Badr.

-Marriage with Aisha.

-Ali married Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter.

-Festivities of Ramadan and sacrifice observed for the first time.

-Prescribed alms commanded.


-The Battle of Uhud.

-Alcohol forbidden.


-Census in Medina.

-The Battle of the Trench.


-Hudaybiya Peace Treaty and the revelation of the chapter Fath


-Letters sent to emperors of the Byzantium and Sasanid Empires, as

well as to the rulers of other neighboring countries.

-Ashama, the Negus (king) of Abyssinia, embraced Islam.

-Expedition to Haybar.

-Zainab bint Harith attempted to poison the Prophet.


-Khalid b. Walid, Amr b. As, and Uthman b. Talha embraced Islam.

-The Battle of Mu’tah.

-Hudaybiya Peace Treaty violated by Meccan pagans.


-The conquest of Mecca.

-The Battle of Hunayn.

-Funeral for Ashama observed by the Prophet in absentia.

The Life of the Prophet in Chronological Order 363

-The Battle of Tabuk.

-A second letter of invitation to Islam sent to Heraclius, the emperor

of Byzantium.

-Ka’b b. Zuhayr (the poet of Ode to the Mantle) embraced Islam.

The Prophet gave his mantle as a gift to him.


-Death of Abdullah bin Ubayy, a prominent hypocrite.

-The hajj, major pilgrimage, commanded.

-A committee of Christians from Najran visited the Prophet.

-The Prophet took a twenty-day spiritual retreat in Ramadan and

recited the Qur’an twice with Gabriel.

-Musaylima, the liar, asserted a self-claimed prophethood.


-The farewell pilgrimage and sermon.

-The Prophet died, Monday, June 8 (Rabi al-awwal 13).

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